About Us

UT Brands creates innovative housewares that solve problems with clever solutions.  Urban Trend™ kitchen gadgets add a unique twist to “ho-hum” kitchen tools.  Barbuzzo™ centers on fun and cheerful gift and barware for the home.  KidsFunwares™ housewares encourage interaction and family unity at the table.  All UT Brands bring value, look and function.  At UT Brands, we believe that the retailer today requires exceptional product in order to maintain a competitive edge.

Urban Trend gadgets add a unique twist to “ho-hum” kitchen tools.  Our design philosophy is to create products that solve problems and provide clever solutions for kitchen gadgets so that you can cook great food.  We believe that quirky designers and clever engineers create gadgets that make you think “wow”.  The best ideas do not necessarily make the best products without first striving for the best quality.  Urban Trend is dedicated to driving the great ideas into great products that will bring you satisfaction for many years.  All Urban Trend gadgets bring together value, looks and function.

Urban Trend KidsFunwares™ products are innovative and unique and fill a void at retail: encouraging interaction and family unity at the table. While not designed as “toys”, these items address parents’ concerns for getting children to sit at the table.

The KidsFunwares™ products are modular, interactive and imaginative

BARBUZZO is all about innovative fun home entertaining and creative gift products. The BARBUZZO design strategy and influences is inspired by events in the home and products that make life fun! We are a leading gift manufacturer and distribution company in the US and around the world. Life is too short to be serious! BARBUZZO!